Monday, 29 September 2008

How does counselling work?

Person Centred Counselling works by means of giving time and space to a person to fully express themselves, there may be parts of oneself that has been suppressed for a long time.

Rogers theory on counselling is that every organism has an organismic self - this is the, fundamental self similar to Freud’s id which is free of values/introjections and beliefs. Roger’s seemed to have more faith in this part of the self and didn’t believe it to be chaotic like Freud, but thought of it as basically positive - doing the best it can to look after our self.

Rogers believed we have a self concept which houses all our beliefs about our self introjections. We collect this data form significant others such as family and friends, and nowadays even media!

When these two parts of ourselves are not in complete harmony we may experience great anxieties. We may have difficulty knowing which way to go in life…which in turn creates an anxiety.

Through the skills of a counsellor, they may form a healthy relationship with a person. A relationship where they can gain greater understanding about themselves.

A person then may develop a more harmonious relationship with their organismic tendancy and their self concept.

Counsellors themselves do not make people better, the counselling relationship and and the person seeking counselling get themselves better.

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